IIOT Technology Innovations LLC

Data Sheets Updated and Made Available Upon Request

  • Suite of Battery-Operated Devices Ranging From Single Ended Inputs 4/20mA
  • Discrete, Vibration/Temperature, Pressure/Temperature, and Gas Detection
  • Class I Div I Zone 0 and Class I Div II Zone 2 Designs
  • AC/DC Powered Class I Div II RTUs allowing up to 56channels of data collected simultaneously
  • AC/DC and Solar Powered Designs

IIoTTTI doesn't just offer a product, they offer a suite

IIoT-1XXX Marking
IIoT-2XXX Marking
IIoT-2XXX Gas Marking
IIoT-3XXX Marking
IIoT-3XXX Gas Marking

Customizable features such as local indication lights, Human Machine Interfaces, BNC Connections for full spectral analysis and more.

We can provide higher data transmission, greater barrier penetration, longer battery life and by using our mesh network AC or Solar powered repeaters, can guarantee 100% signal reliability.

  • 902-928 MHz
  • 868 MHz
  • 2.4 GHz
  • Cell LTE / 5G

Single or multipoint receipt locations for ease of access and integration.  Our standard 2 box receiver system puts the receiver antenna up high, ideal for collecting data, but keeps the “brains” in an easy to reach location, limiting the need for expensive ethernet runs or poor cell service zones.