IIOT Technology Innovations LLC

Imagine where you are today with an eye on where you want to be in the future. With our flexibility of products and monitoring solutions, you have the benefit of creating your own result-driven design.

Wireless IOT solutions have various characteristics that your company will benefit from, such as:

Wireless systems are less expensive than wired systems. There is no more need for spending on conduit and wires that span and run all the way around your facility. It is also the least costly methodology when complying with government regulations and insurance requirements for redundancy.

The efficiency of accessing your systems can help in preventing accidents and equipment failures from occurring. Even if you are not in a control room, you can check and monitor the following:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Vibration O/A, FFT Analysis
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Inventory Control

There are multiple misleading reports about wireless systems. As a tenured provider of IOT systems, we can confidently reveal the truth behind these common myths.

Many people claim wireless data acquisition is not fully developed and ready for real world applications, especially with the complexity and danger of an industrial environment. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Wireless technology has been used for decades in many types of industrial environments from nuclear power, to food and beverage, from mining to chemical production.

Suppliers advertise template packages that can be used in any facility.  This will limit the data you can collect, or where the system can be installed.  Each plant is custom and deserves a custom solution.  No one else provides the same level of customization and flexibility at the economical cost that IIoTTTI does. 

By hiring the experts and performing the pre order walkdowns, you will understand where and how sensors and infrastructure devices need to be placed.  All products from IIoTTTI come pre programed and calibrated from the factory, meaning that installation is a breeze and within minutes you can be collecting valuable data. 

Open architecture allow IIoTTTI to make use of the systems you may already have in place and supplement your existing instruments with new ones to provide cost efficient and complete data acquisistion.

Installing a new wireless system may seem like a daunting task, but IIoTTTI only applies 3 steps. These include:

This is to make sure that all your facility’s needs are met. By inspecting your site, we will know what you specifically need today and in the future.

We do not want to waste what you already have. Our engineers will consider everything we found out about your facility from our assessment. This includes the existing devices you may have and then we will build upon them with our advanced cloud-based IOT solutions.

IIoTTTI will be with you as your facility changes with time. We make sure our solutions are expandable and flexible so we may fit our clients’ changing needs. After all – innovation is in our name

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